A small creature emerges from behind a corner and blinks curiously at you. His abnormally large floppy brown ears seem to perk up a bit at the realization that he has a visitor. Cautiously, he tiptoes toward you, and you notice the top of his fuzzy head only reaches up to your waist. You look down to see him holding up a pencil toward you, along with a little yellow piece of paper with writing on it. Despite being a bit stunned to see a real-live norn, it would be rude to refuse his offer, so you take the pencil and paper from the tiny hands. The paper reads:

What attributes does this agent have?

Carryable: Can be picked up by things other than creatures, vehicles and the pointer.
Mouseable: Can be picked up by the mouse.
Activateable: Can be activated using the mouse - otherwise CLAC and CLIK style events don't get sent when you click on the agent.
Greedy Cabin: When set on a vehicle, it will automatically pick up things dropped in its cabin.
Invisible: Creatures don't see you - applies to ESEE and STAR on creatures, as well as internal creature code.
Floatable: Agent floats relative to the screen. Move it with FLTO. If you call FREL, the agent will float relative to another agent instead of the screen.
Suffer Collisions: Will collide with room boundaries, according to its PERM.
Suffer Physics: Agent falls with proper physics, including gravity, air resistance and friction. Otherwise, it simply moves with velocity.
Camera Shy: Agent can't be seen on a remote camera (PAT: CMRA) or photograph (SNAP). For vehicles, the contents is shy as well.
Open Air Cabin: When set on a vehicle, it allows creatures to see and activate its passengers. The default behaviour is that they can't.
Rotatable: When set on an agent the various rotation commands (SPIN, ROTN, AVEL etc.) can be used.
Presence: An agent with this attribute set has a circular physical presence in the world and receives Impact script callbacks.

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